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Does anyone happen to have a deck box they're no longer using? I'm looking for something to put two highback chair cushions in when it rains. My elderly aunt has to carry hers from her house to her yard and back and I'm afraid some day she's going to fall when she's walking with her hands full. Thanks in advance.
I have several boxes of bandages and other medical supplies,all sealed. These were purchased by an elderly person with diabetes amd other serious conditions.. It is not commonly used first aid stuff for a family. Pick up as soon as possible near Target in Vestal. I have a photo of the top of one box. If needed, I can look in the boxes and give out more details.
hello all I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for any unwanted tools as well as tool boxes both has tools and power tool items such as saws wrenches pliers screwdrivers ratches sockets axes vices garden tools anything really I will also take unwanted hardware such as screws nails fasteners bolt nuts ect. As well as storage
New, open box. We got rid of the printer they went with (screwed up just too many times), found the cartridges while cleaning out. Complete set of colors and like 3 black ones.
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